Man driving a rickshaw in a factory in China

1. I am an inventor. Can you manufacture my product in China? What is the process?

Most likely we can make your item. To get started we'll need something more than just your idea. Ideally you should build yourself a presentable prototype (functional or not) and draw up exactly the specifications for your product. Make it of clay or wood or whatever you can to refine your vision of what your product should look like, feel like, weight, the color etc. This is best done in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system, but if your item is relatively simple you can draft these yourself and we can finish your product in CAD using our engineers in China.

From this point, we can generate a quotation for your product and prepare a prototype for you approval. Once you have signed off on the sample, we can begin production of your product.

Product manufactured in China by Pacific Rim Resources Ltd

2. My product is patented or patent pending and I'm afraid it will be stolen and copied in China. What can be done to protect me?

Before discussing you product with anyone, you ought to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The truth is there is very little that can be done to keep a product from being copied in China in terms of signed agreements. However in all the years we have done business in China, this has never happened to Pacific Rim Resources, Ltd.... WHY? The reason is simple. We have good relationships with all the factories we deal with and have for a long time. We are there every other month, having meals, sipping tea and building trust. We tend to reward good factories with more business. A factory making plastic items for us would never copy an item we give to them, as they know if they did so, we would take away all the business we do with them.


People working at sewing machines in a factory in China

3. How long will it take to make my product in China?

The honest, short answer is "Longer than you want it to." However, having done this sort of work in China for so long we can make things happen relatively quickly. Actually the more research and the more decisions you as a product designer can make on the front end of your project, the faster things will go.  Before you are ready to manufacture your custom made product in China, you should know exactly what you want. What materials you product should be made of, how you want it packaged, and all the details of the components that make up your product. Do NOT assume the Chinese factory will think for you, and decide for you. They do not and this is dangerous. But that is why we are here. Please call us. We can help you more specifically after we know a bit more about what you want to do. We have been doing this a long time and we can foresee problems and other aspects you may not have considered.


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