Mold Central is a part of Pacific Rim Resources, Ltd. the specializes in the manufacture of injection molding tools for plastic. Our mold are made and priced exclusively for export out of China to other countries.

China is a mecca for manufacturing, but with the devaluation of the USD against the RMB (Chinese Yuan) and labor costs going up, many Western business are finding it more and more economical to produce parts locally. Injected parts that are not labor intensive, are often very economical to do. The problem is skilled labor to make the molds for these parts are very very expensive to make in the US and other Western countries.

Injection molding parts

Very simply we can make injection molds in China, guarantee the steel, the total shots, the parts and that the mold will fit the machine you intend to use it with. Guaranteed, money back if not satisfied and often saving more than 50% over molds made in the USA.

Injection mold

Our mold making and CNC equipment is top notch, all of German or Japanese design and origin and from it we produce extremely high precision molds that make extremely high precision parts.

Worker operating an injection molding machine

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